App Cel – first steps possible

App Cel could start immediately after securing the financing: An almost perfect location would be about 350 m2 of a former supermarket available and could be used promptly and at very favorable conditions. The location would be very conveniently located in the north of Munich, about 2 km from the A99 motorway and only about 100 m from the nearest S-Bahn station with its own parking. All necessary approvals for the intended operation already exist.

Also, the business could start – at least as regards the consulting service for customers – more or less immediately. The first inquiries from home and abroad are already in the pipeline at present: The manufacturers of an extremely heat-resistant fiber with a patent, which is currently only used in the industrial sector, want to place this fiber in the textile industry and are looking for partners for further development.

As soon as normal operation in App Cel is possible, the first customers would be well-known brands from the sport. already signed contracts for a long-term cooperation agreement were negotiated.

In addition, freelance designers and developers would be offered the Service of using App Cel App Cel for their own customers via a subscription model. Due to the history of the founders, this can be communicated immediately with a broad network of clothing technology specialists.

App Cel will not build up its own production, but will certainly advise customers on the selection of potential partners or production sites. Possible production inquiries are on demand and on request by customers placed especially in Europe, but of course there are also very good connections to producers in the Far East, to whom inquiries can be made at any time.