ERTergo – Terms & Conditions


ERTergo offers in it’s content following services at regular conditions:

creating and handling Wishlists

The pricing for users of ERTergo depends on the amount of „wishlists“ (catalogues) a user intends to work with.
Pricing per user and year:

F.o.C. Sales 2 „wishlists“ / catalogues free of charge
Supply Promotion up to 20 „wishlists“ / catalogues 190.- €
Sales Representation unlimited numbers of wishlists/catalogues 320.- €

Promotion Pages

ERTergo offers companies, suppliers and service providers the possibility to promote themselvers, their philosophy or other text-based content on one or more pages.

The pricing for companies promoting themselves in ERTergo depends on whether and how many promotion pages are published on ERTergo.
up to 300 words, including an imbedded video, including 2 pictures
Pricing per year:

first promotion page 500.-  €
follow-up page / per page 250.- €
Contact details (address, website, phone etc.) free of charge
Company description (up to 100 words) free of charge
Presenting products free of charge

Bulk Import of Products

Importing products into the content of ERTergo can be done by any logged-in-user and in this case free of charge.

ERTergo also offers a script-based automatic import of items under following conditions:

Script development, implemetation 800.– €
         up to 50 items, per item  5.– €
        up to 100 items, per item  4.50 €
         up to 500 items, per item  2.– €
        up to 2000 items, per item  1.– €
      up to 5000 items, per item 0.70 €
       up to 20.000 items, per item 0.15 €
       more than 2000  3.200.– €

Please send us the material in form of an Exel sheet by e-mail and ERTergo will import those materials by a script.

By the conclusion of contract ERTergo provides the warranty that
only companies which are members of the the association will receive services by ERTergo under the conditions above
no other textile companies in the scope of the association (country and industry) will receive the same or cheaper conditions.
members can purchase services of ERTergo only through the association .

The duration of a contract based on this offer will last 12 months and can be expanded another 12 Months unless it is not canceled by at least one of the parties tree month prior to renewal.
The termination of a contract based on this offer has to be done by a written note to be sent by mail. This note has to arrive at least three full months before end of the contract.
Publishing content is carried out after receipt of payment starting the first day of the agreed month.
The customer is responsible for the delivery of the necessary content in time. If the content is not delivered in time a compensation in terms of finish date of the publication in ERTergo will not be offered.

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