App Cel – the concept

Textile development, Research & Consulting Apparel and textile Softgoods

App Cel will be a studio for the development of prototypes of clothing and similar textile softgoods, which develops for mainly higher quality brands of functional clothing from design on paper to production maturity. To ensure this, a studio with extensive equipment for the production of technically oriented individual pieces and prototypes will be set up on approx. 350 square meters.

The main content of the company will be to accompany suppliers of functional clothing in particular, from design through to final production, especially in the Far East or Eastern Europe.
The focus will be on the development of new technologies and materials for production. This also includes everything that has to do with the digitization of process chains in an environment of numerous partners in various countries, right through to logistics solutions. Also the development of materials that are more in line with modern ideas of sustainability than current ones, or technologies that have less impact on the environment or the like.

To do this, App Cel will also develop its own machines for material and functional testing and offer these measurement technologies to customers.
The declared goal of App Cel is the development of new technologies, including patentability, in order to benefit in the long term from a „passive“ performance. Therefore, close cooperation with universities and suppliers of primary products is also sought.

The range of services available to customers includes:

  • Development of designs up to the serial
  • Production of digital cutting patterns and development of grading
  • Production of prototypes
  • Digitization of „classic“ processes in the production chain
  • App Cel on demand: Rental of App Cel facilities for developing apparel and softgoods
  • Development of test procedures for textile materials
  • Development of new production techniques for mass production
  • Research and consultancy in the field of new materials and new technologies

An additional important pillar will be the letting of the studio to customers so that they work largely independently on the machines and equipment handling materials under the expert guidance of an App Cel specialist.

But other consulting services such as assistance with the technical development of fibers, yarns and fabrics are also offered or the finding of suitable production partners: Via the ERTergo platform, the employees and partners of App Cel have access to detailed information from about 5,000 specialist companies from all areas textile production. This database will also be used to create its own digital library of products available on the market.

The first inquiries from Germany and abroad are already available at the moment: the potential customers would be a very well-known winter sports brand, a Japanese manufacturer of fibers, yarns and fabrics and a German supplier of industrial precursors.

The current situation is that premises are already available: approximately 350 m2 of a former supermarket could be used promptly and at very favorable conditions. The location would be very conveniently located in the north of Munich, about 2 km from the A99 motorway and only about 100 m from the nearest S-Bahn station with its own parking.

App Cel will not build up its own production, but it will certainly assist customers in selecting potential partners or production sites. external production orders are on demand and on request from customers v. a. placed in Europe or, if necessary, in the Far East.